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​Hello, I'm Cecil, the NFT artist of ODDPLANET at 3DNFT artworks.

Thank you for your visit.

I think a lot of people have imagined about the universe at least once.

I'm one of those people, and I started NFT artworking with a variety of imaginations and questions.

It's like this. "What's in the universe?" "How mysterious is the universe?" "What's the future of humanity?" "What does an alien look like?”


​The Oddplanet has a central story. and Various forms of work will be carried out in the story.

And collectors can buy avatars NFT and become avatars of Oddplanet and display their imagination. like, You can participate in the work directly, such as devising an exploration story. And this story will be expanded later with a new NFT artwork.

Oddplanet's artwork is largely divided into three categories <avatars NFT,planets NFT,planet inhabitants NFT> And, the same thing doesn't exist.

If you buy an avatar NFT, you can receive oddplanet NFT artwork continuously.

(Please check the Avatar Purchase Guide for more information.)

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Oddplanet Background story

- Oddplanet Project

- Dr. Hess

What is avatars?

- Avatar Purchase Guide

- Avatar Line-up and current status

- Avatar Story

What is planets? (Unreleased)

- Planet Purchase Guide

- Planet Line-up and current status

What is a planet inhabitants? (Unreleased)

- planet inhabitants Purchase Guide

- planet inhabitants Line-up and current status


How to participate in the work?



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